Do you know about Penny Auction Site? Get Brief Idea of That

Do you know about penny auction sites? Now days there are lots of penny auction sites are available in market. You can buy any kind of product by specific bid for particular item. You can buy cell phone, electronic gadgets, cloth, watch and many more products. You can save a big amount by this kind of auction sites. Suppose any products actual cost is around $1000 USD. By bid might be you can get that product in just $100 to $200 USD. So you save approx 80%-90% saving on each product. Do you have a question that how auctioneer will get profit by this? Is they are doing business with loss? No this system is working different way, and the auctioneer also get profit by this site.

How seller or Auctioneer get profit?

Yes, auctioneers also get profit by these sites, when you are going to bid for particular products you have to pay some amount as a register for that product. Example might be you have to pay $1 USD per bid. So each time of bid you have to pay $1 USD to auctioneer even you win the auction or not, you must have to pay bid fees to auctioneer. So suppose you made 10 bids for same product then the total cost is $10 USD for single product, and there are more than 100 bidders for same product, but auction win by one person only, so auctioneer will get profit by this bid fee. Don’t thing that these kinds of sites are scam, most of sites are very popular and 100% secure, you can bid and win your product with 80-90% less price.

How to check the Auction site is trustable?

There are some sites are fraud in market, you have to be care full with those sites, they just take the bid fees by user and only win the bid of their members, they don’t need to deliver any product. Because all bidders are working for that company only and they are just bid for company. When you want to win the bid you continue active with that auction bid again and again for that product, and each time of bid you have to pay few bucks as auction fees. After some time you give up and loss the auction and loss your money. Whenever you are going bid on any site must check its review so you can judge that site is trust worthy or not.

Tips for Win the Auction

It is main factor that how to win the auction? You have to do more research for win your bid in any site’s auction. You have to active before bid any product for particular sites. You can check how people are bidding on that site. You can judge that on which stage people left the bid and what average bid for each product as per market price. You can compare that price with market price of particular products. If you have started bid and you are bidding again and again for any product, also take care of the its actual market price. Stop at that time when you feel that you are going high as per market price. Avoid the payment which you have already paid for bid and leave the auction. Get some lesson by that auction and take care for next time.




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