Many small organisations are placed in to a position whereby they need to outsource their proposal writing to external proposal writers in order to keep up with the constant flow of bid requests which come through their doors.

Because of this, the majority of firms understand the need to have a fully-briefed and supportive pool of proposal writers on board for when resource becomes an issue, but many companies do not realise that external agencies can do much more than simply support the bid team with covering proposal writing and bid management duties.

These days, tender writing services firms provide a wider remit of services than ever before, supporting organisations to develop their proposal writing and management process to the full, exploiting opportunities and identifying ways in which the process can be streamlined for maximum return. The following details some of the ways in which external consultants can add value to an organisation, when it comes to outsourcing bid management and proposal writing responsibilities…

Identifying new opportunities

Due to the fact that most tender writing agencies spend the majority of their time researching and pursuing new opportunities across the bid sector, they are often at the front line when it comes to finding valid bid opportunities for their customers. A good tender writing services organisation will be able to support the company to hunt out new opportunities in both the private and public sector, due to their BAU activities researching the market, subscribing to key newsfeeds and publications, and keeping abreast of developments across the field of proposal writing.

By working in conjunction with a clued-up agency, a firm is ideally placed to identify new viable opportunities, matching their skill set and capabilities with the requirements of their wider industry sector, and responding to bid requests swiftly.

Savvy agencies are involved with the main funding databases in the UK and use their experience to find grant-making trusts, companies, lottery and statutory funders (including tendering opportunities) relevant to their customers.

Cementing the proposal writing process In addition to offering bid management and bid writing support, a good agency will be able to implement a seamless and productive bid cycle which outlines the steps needed to achieve success for your company. Having an established, formalised and proven process in place increases efficiency and productivity, supporting each member of the team to fully understand how their role impacts the success of the organisation, overall.

Proposal writing and bid management

A strong agency will be able to develop the full range of proposal writing skills, from conducting evaluations on past bids right through to identifying any potential gaps in your overall methodology which need to be addressed. They will be able to advise upon current industry best practice, legislation, and also talk to the bid recipient prior to submittal to ensure that your firm has a strong grasp of all the requirements for the bid. Through checking compliance, supporting competitor analysis and researching your industry on your behalf, the agency will support a successful win by streamlining the full proposal writing process on your behalf.

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